Career Odyssey Board Game Review

Career Odyssey Board Game

Career Odyssey Board Game

The Career Odyssey board game is designed to help players determine what may be a good career field for them. There are over 12 major career areas made up of 100 career cards that describe talents required in a particular field to be successful. The career cards also include information on employment numbers, job growth, average salaries, etc.

The game is designed for Grade 6 students all the way up to adults. This was a good range because it is important for kids to get a feel for what career fields they may be interested in so that they know what to focus on as they go into high school, start thinking about colleges, and deciding on majors. It is also helpful for adults who are looking to make a career change, who are entering the work force later in life, or just looking for ways to advance their careers.

While I believe that the concept of the game is great, the subject matter changes relatively quickly potentially making the game obsolete quicker than expected. In today’s economic environment, entire industries have been eliminated and created within the last 5 years, and will probably continue to grow, change, and die and the speed of innovation increases. I would change the cards to a digital device that can be updated by connecting to a computer or website to get updated career industry and skill information. This will help the stay current and provide a high level of relevancy to the players. Also, the colors of the board seem to be muted and dull and lack graphical excitement. Over all I feel that the concept of the game is good, but the execution could be updated for that we as a society search for information. I would also separate the level of complexity from Grade 6, high school, and adult into 3 different levels of difficulty so that the user will stay engaged and not feel that particular skills concepts are too difficult grasp or to basic to provide any benefit.

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